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Online Class

Prior to your flight to Puerto Rico you need to take an online SSI class & test

Casa Class

Your first class at the Casa confirms your online class and phsical handling of the dive equipment

Casa Pool

After spending time learning the equipment you get to jump into the pool to lean how it all works

Open Water

The final funnest part is now at the beach called "Crashboat" in Aguadilla a beautiful quite beach

So at the Farm every year we held a Scuba class, every year we thought it would be the last one and then more friends showed an interest so we held another class.  We were sure that it would end with the move to Puerto Rico but when we sold the Farm Katherine said we needed one more class for her half-sister, then down the road the trip to Palau required some friends to need certifications so they could go.  We found Coral Scuba Shop in Arecibo that is SSI (Scuba School International).  We have now developed a relationship with them. They use the Casa for the class room & pool then down the road to Aquadilla for your Open Water. If you want to learn about Playa Crashboat  If you ever have an interest let us know, if enough friends are interested we will continue the Farms history.


The first date was February 2019, the pool repair wasn't completed yet so they took their class in the ocean but it went great. Tom & Mo are now certified! The pool is now done so no excusses why you won't graduate! 

We now have the base understanding of how the classes in Puerto Rico will work so we already have more planned.

The next class is tentatively 2021 and will be in Spanish to include Maria, Jenny, & Rafael.



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