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If you are a new friend then this will see crazy.  This is here because I had to build a web site for a friend that needed it for his new business website and this was just a test platform.  We kept it because friends at the Farm use to conflict over which room they were getting so this became a joke so they could pick it and then it wouldn't show a it available for the next requester.  We are not a B&B, hotel, or venue it is just friends that come and no money.

So, for those friends that visited, or even lived, at Hawk's Ridge Farm your enjoyment of the themes of each guest room left us with a desire to those experiences.  The adventures and beauty of the island shouldn’t stop when you enter your room at the Casa, so each bedroom has a theme to add a little more uniqueness to your stay.  There is the Asian room with its red walls, Asian furnishings, and unique bathroom.  If you love Europe, then choose the English room with its intimate romantic feel.  If you are feeling a little more adventuresome, try the Greek room with its suspended bed and distinctive white and cerulean environment.  If you have children or white rocks at home then the Native American room is a perfect fit with its bunkbeds and rustic design; even its sinks are made out of petrified trees. Feeling creative?  Then you will embrace Mo’s suite with a Puerto Rican design.  If you require more privacy or have a larger group, then select some rooms in the Guest Casita with a bright inviting feeling of a beach home. If you just want complete isolation choose the "C3PR" across the street with its access to the mangrove. Whichever you select you will leave with some rare memories.  OK, those who never experienced our past won’t understand the ridiculousness of this reservation page. We just want to give you a preview, so you can let us know your preferences.

If you are going to come visit please read the rules of understanding: Casa del Delfín Bailando Rules

This is a test site and not in production. Any reservation are not real.
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