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Basic Class

This is an SSI basic Scuba class run by a local Arecibo Dive Store. 

Scuba Class Open Water-14.jpg

Group Fun Class

This is the SSI certified advanced Scuba class given by the same Arecibo Dive Store.

Posada Del Sol Dive 1-9.jpg

Palau Trip

This for us is a one time trip. 

As time has evolved the wrecked ships and plains have decade and are disappearing.

20130101-Bonaire 2014-22-2.jpg

Every Diver Goes!

Every diver needs to go to Bonaire at least once. An island singularly focused on divers!

20140717-Bonaire 2014-388.jpg

Diver Camping

Mona is an island just for divers.  A boat out in the morning, a few dives and then camping on it.

SCUBA Class 2013-291- JPEG Export.jpg

Future Diving

There will always be dive trips in the planning just keep checking

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