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Casa del Delfín Bailando Rules

We are very excited to have you come visit us in Puerto Rico; this is why we have a home with guest rooms!


Please remember that this is our home,  not a hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or a vacation rental. There are a few facts and rules we feel you should be aware of to help make your trip more enjoyable.


  1. Please be aware the house was not engineered for children. Children are welcome, but you need to be aware that they will require constant supervision by you.

    • We do not have cabinet locks.

    • The refrigerators and alcohol storage are unsecured

    • The water features, see item #2, could pose a concern, as there are several, and there are no lifeguards. Please consider this when bringing your children

    • The pools, hot tub, mangrove, and ocean are accessible to anybody 24/7 and once you are on the property they have no fencing to isolate them.

  2. Please no glass around the pools, hot tub, or pool bar, for safety reasons.  This includes beverage glasses, ceramic plates, beer in bottles, etc. Glass shards in water become invisible, making cleanup unsure. We have lots of plastic containers and dishes that you are welcome to use everywhere. 

  3. There is small wildlife on the property, i.e. iguanas, lizards, chameleons, birds, bats, etc. They are not harmful, but may surprise you. 

  4. The drinking age in Puerto Rico is legally 18, however; they are very lax and rarely ask for ID.  If you have a child please make sure they know to refuse any alcoholic drinks offered if you don't want them to have it.

  5. The tap water is the same purity level as the US states, and is drinkable.  We have insulated cups to carry ice water to the beach and around the property. We make efforts to reduce plastic waste on the island.

  6. We have a commercial ice maker for filling coolers that you are welcome to use.

  7. We do not have any restrictions on food, so there has been no isolation on cooking surfaces, dishes, cooking tools, pot & pans, etc. from substances like pork, beef,  fish, etc. The items are clean but have not been isolated from contact.

  8. You are welcome to join us on any adventure and we are happy to drive, but due to Puerto Rico insurance issues we cannot loan a vehicle.  That means that if you want true unrestricted flexibility, you might want to consider renting a vehicle. We do have secured parking at the Casa.

  9. Please be aware we are not on public sewer so please do not flush any non-human waste other than toilet paper,  i.e. feminine products, condoms, diapers, etc. down the drain.

  10. We are an anti-smoking environment. Not passing judgment, but we ask you to respect our request not to smoke inside of any structure or on the 4th floor terrace. This includes vaporizers. We do have a designated smoking area with appropriate safe receptacles for smoking waste.

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